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Oishii! is the brain child of a newly dedicated vegan, Monika. I had the idea as I have found myself growing more excited over the many recipes and different types of food I have tried in my first few weeks of going vegan. I have always enjoyed cooking and preparing meals, so it seemed rather natural for me to decide to open up a website dedicated to the beauties of going vegan!

The transition has been a slow one, as I have been vegetarian for over 10 years now. In my freshman year of high school I was assigned to do an essay about animal testing. When I was doing my research, one website lead to another and eventually I found my way to My eyes were literally opened for the first time in my life. I read the horrors of what happened to animals who were tested for the mere sake of makeup. Or the pure hell a cow had to go through for the purpose of being placed between two buns on a dinner plate. I learned what really went on behind circuses and what it took to create a fur coat.

From then on I decided I was going to be a vegetarian. It was as simple as looking at pictures of animals in slaughterhouses. It was an absolute outrage to fathom that fellow human beings could induce such unspeakable abuse and evil. I had to put an end to supporting the murder and suffering of thousands of life’s a day. This also meant not using products tested on animals and never wearing anything made of animal materials.

To know my actions can help end the suffering of countless amounts of animals is something that gives me pride when I utter the words “I am a vegan.”

The experience of going both vegetarian (and now vegan) has given me so much personal growth and insight as to who I am as a person. Going vegan was something I had always eventually wanted to do, but with living in a very unfriendly vegan state (Connecticut) I knew that it would be a challenge. Thankfully, it’s much easier than I thought! Especially since I am now cooking at home more than ever before.

Not only have I seen an improvement in my health, both psychically and mentally, it has allowed me to experience more with the wonder that is my taste pallet. This is the reason I decided to open this blog, as I want to share my insights and inspire others to try the same! いただきます!


The “seasonal lunch box” featured in the logo, header image of the fruit and footer image obtained from stock.xchng, a  royalty free stock photography website. No profits will be made from this purely personal-use site and I claim no credit for these images. This theme has been purchased from Pixel Theme Studio but has been altered to fit the needs of Oishii!. I claim no credit whatsoever for the coding of this blog and have purchased this theme for purely personal use.

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Founded in May of 2011, Oishii! is a food journal dedicated to the experience of going vegan.