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Pizza Pizzaz

PizzaReviewI’m not fortunate enough to live near a big city filled with different vegan restaurants and their food options, especially when it comes to pizza. Since going vegan I have simply ordered cheeseless pizzas topped with vegetables (only after ensuring the crust/sauce are made from vegan ingredients). But one can only have cheeseless pizza for so long! I was so surprised when I found Tofutti’s Pizza Pizzaz in the frozen aisle of Stop and Shop (near the vegetarian frozen foods).

This frozen meal totally fulfilled my pizza craving! The “cheese” was one of the best imitations I have ever tasted, which says a lot considering that this was once frozen. Its texture resembled real cheese and didn’t even leave that chalky aftertaste most imitation dairy’s have. The only qualm I have with this is that the crust is very thin and as a result was very crisp and crunchy once baked – Then again I am one for fluffy crusts! I baked it according to the “best results” instructions – that is baking it at 50 degrees lower and 10 minutes longer than the standard instructions.

Definitely give this vegan pizza a taste! Don’t let the campy design of the box or labeling tell you otherwise!

Afternoon Snack

Peanut Butter Cookie The next time you are craving a cookie, try Alternative Baking Company’s brand of vegan cookies! I cannot recommend these cookies enough to my friends. They offer over 5 different flavors, each one as soft and chewy as the last. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! As expensive as I have had to pay for mine ($2 for a cookie is a high price compared to one non-vegan cookie, at least in my experience), they leave you so full and satisfied they are truly worth every penny spent.

If you can’t find them at your local health food store they do sell them online via their store website (linked above).

Summer Treats

Ice Cream Sandwich I know that one of my favorite treats as it gets warmer outside has always been ice cream sandwiches. And with going vegan I fortunately found that I don’t have have to give them up! So Delicious offers a delicious dairy free alternative that is completely vegan! I would so highly recommend trying one of these sandwiches – The ice cream is indescribably lighter than an actual dairy ice cream sandwich and even the soft chocolate cake sticks to your fingers just like the ones I always remembered.

The only bad thing I have to say about these is that I can only find them in the mini sizes… So I don’t be surprised if you want to eat 2-3 of them! I easily found this in the frozen grocery aisle near the other vegetarian/vegan cuisine.

Founded in May of 2011, Oishii! is a food journal dedicated to the experience of going vegan.